Rep. Jesus ‘Chuy’ Garcia Looks Forward to ‘Open’ and ‘Inclusive’ Redistricting Process

It’s that time again that comes around every decade in Illinois – following U.S. Census numbers, the Illinois General Assembly is tasked with redrawing political boundaries for Illinois’ congressional and state legislative districts.

This time around, Democrats have the proverbial keys to the car when it comes to redistricting, with a Democratic serving as governor and Democratic majorities in both the Illinois Senate and House.

U.S. Rep. Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, a Democrat from Chicago’s Little Village neighborhood, says he has faith in Illinois Senate President Don Harmon and Illinois Speaker of the House Chris Emanuel Welch – both of whom assumed their leadership positions within the past year or two.

“We’re going to have one of the most open and inclusive redistricting processes ever in Illinois,” Garcia said. “I am heartened by the leadership that we have in Illinois with a president of the Senate and a new speaker of the House who have committed to having real community engagement hearings … and recognizing the diversity of the populations in Illinois, specially across northern Illinois.”

Results of the U.S. Census 2020 show Illinois as one of only three U.S. states to have lost population compared to the census 10 years earlier. Illinois’ data reflected a 0.14% decline and will result in the state losing a seat in the U.S. House.

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May 8, 2021 at 05:46PM

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