Illinois Senate approves bill prohibiting vaping products marketed toward children

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – State senators approved a plan Thursday that could help prevent children and teens from vaping. Sen. Julie Morrison hopes this can address the rise in death or illness from vaping and electronic cigarettes.

You may have seen ads for vaping products that show cartoon characters directed toward kids that want to try vaping. Morrison’s proposal makes it illegal to sell or distribute e-cigs and vaping products marketed for children. The measure could also prohibit vape shops from offering discounts or coupons on e-cigs.

The Deerfield Democrat stressed sellers shipping vaping products must also verify the buyer is 21 years old.

“It requires online orders to be payed by check or credit card in a purchaser’s name and that the credit card companies would indicate tobacco product on the credit card statement. And it provides the Attorney General and law enforcement agencies civil and criminal enforcement,” Morrison said.

State departments could inspect any business that sells, manufactures, or transports e-cigs to ensure compliance. Illinois State Police would also receive that authority under the bill.

“It’s common sense that if it’s illegal to sell these products to kids, it should be illegal to market to them,” Morrison said. “I hope the Illinois General Assembly can come to an agreement on a bill that will keep these products out of the hands of children.”

Senators unanimously supported this proposal. It now heads over to the House for consideration.

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April 22, 2021 at 06:34PM

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