Exclusive ICLG Interview with State Senator Laura Murphy: SB1794


In this exclusive ICLG interview, Illinois State Senator Laura Murphy talks about Senate Bill 1794 – how we got here and whats next.
SB1794 seeks to address one aspect of utility-company malfeasance and restore control to local governments and is supported by dozens of local-government leaders across Illinois.
Interview Questions:
1. How did this all begin and how did we get here?
2. Utility companies are known for having armies of lobbyists and handing out campaign contributions. How were you able to proceed with this legislation with those odds against you?
3. We heard you had some help from communities that had reached out to ComEd via letter about the issue. 4. What made you care so much about this subject?
5. What makes a good corporate citizen?
6. So, there were a couple of utility companies that were not complying with the law?
7. Do you think these utility companies will come after you?
Brought to you buy the Illinois Coalition of Local Governments


April 21, 2021 at 09:32AM

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