Environmentalists cheer new Illinois safeguards on coal ash


The most popular girl’s baby name in Illinois in 2014 was Olivia, chosen by 901 new moms. The most popular boy’s name was Noah, chosen 835 times. Rounding out the top five for girls’ names were Emma, Sophia, Isabella and Ava; while Alexander, William, Michael and Liam were the top selections for boys. 

Contrast that with 50 years earlier, 1964, when the most popular girl’s name was Lisa, chosen 2,732 times, and the most popular boy’s name was Michael, favored 5,133 times. Rounding on the top five choices for girls were Mary, Susan, Karen and Laura, while John, James, David and Robert were the top picks for boys.

Region: Bloomington,Feeds,News,City: Bloomington,Region: Central

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April 18, 2021 at 11:26AM

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