Legislation to protect status of health care coverage for Illinois children



Legislation solidifying quality health care coverage for children passed the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday.

State Senator Michael E. Hastings is the lead sponsor of the initiative, which is the product of a working group comprised of the Illinois State Bar Association, Department of Healthcare and Family Services, and Child Support Advisory Committees.

“Under no circumstance should a child who is eligible to receive health insurance be denied coverage because of divorce proceedings or an atypical living situation,” Hastings said. “Our kids deserve the chance to receive quality, reliable care from our state’s finest medical professionals regardless of their living situation, and by passing this legislation we can be sure they will.”

Under Senate Bill 258, children whose parents are divorced or never married will retain public or private health insurance by requiring the parents to either obtain health insurance or maintain existing health insurance coverage for the child. Additionally, this legislation allows for children to remain on a parent’s health insurance when that child does not live with the parent who has the child on their health insurance coverage.

The legislation now moves to further consideration before the Senate.

News,Region: Joliet,Region: South Suburbs

via The Times Weekly | Community Newspaper in Chicagoland Metropolitan Area

April 16, 2021 at 06:57AM

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