LETTER: Physicians don’t agree with bill


The recent article in The Pantagraph, “Lawmakers pass compromise bill on personal injury cases,” mistakenly leads readers to believe that all affected parties were involved when the backroom deal was made to appease the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association.

The physicians of Illinois do not agree with ITLA president Larry Rogers that the bill is a compromise among the various stakeholders involved. The doctors – your “healthcare heroes” in this pandemic – continue to oppose any prejudgment interest law.

This bill, if signed by Governor Pritzker, would allow for imposition of six percent prejudgment interest annually in medical liability cases. This is floated as a compromise because it is three percent less than the nine percent that was originally requested. How is this a compromise? The current interest rate for this type of penalty in Illinois is zero, because it doesn’t exist. This is a wholly new form of “punitive” measures not previously allowed in Illinois.

Nearly every major Illinois health organization remain firmly opposed to the supposed compromise.

Passing this plaintiff-lawyer backed legislation will drive up the cost of practicing medicine in this state, force more doctors to exit Illinois, particularly some specialties, and, in turn, increase healthcare costs while reducing access to quality medical care for residents.

via pantagraph.com

April 3, 2021 at 07:44PM

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