Utility Moratorium ends April 1st



For over a year, the state banned utility disconnections to help people get through the pandemic, but the moratorium on shutoffs ends april first, which means disconnection notices could show up in mailboxes as early as tomorrow. The Illinois Commerce Commission made a deal with the major utilities in the state to delay shutoffs if you contact them and set up a payment plan.

"This will initiate disconnection notices going back out to consumers," Britney Bouie, spokesperson for the ICC said. "But again, it will detail the protections and the relief options available to them."

This is just a handshake deal between the icc and big utility companies. So if you have trouble setting up that payment plan with your prvider the icc has also set up counseling services to help people figure it out.

"We definitely also encourage consumers who want additional help," Bouie said. "Whether it’s, you know, actually being walked through the process of contacting their utility companies or accessing the likely funds"

The LIHEAP program is also still running in the state. County offices were sent money to give to people to pay off utility bills — no strings attached. Sangamon County already gave out 3.5 million dollars, and was just given another 500 thousand dollars on Wednesday to send out.

"There’s no strings attached there’s a you don’t pay it back this is funding that we want you to apply we’ll send the funding directly to your utility so that those those bills are taken care of."


via News | WCIA.com https://www.wcia.com

March 31, 2021 at 06:20PM

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