Rich Township Supervisor candidate Calvin Jordan has a plan to put the people first

Rich Township Highway Commissioner and current Rich Township Democratic Committeemen, Calvin Jordan, has organized an outstanding campaign team and platform in his quest to become the Rich Township Supervisor.

Calvin Jordan, a 27-year resident of Olympia Fields, has dedicated his professional life to public service.

Jordan, a lifelong democrat, has served nearly twenty years as Rich Township Highway Commissioner. He has now focused his energies on giving 110 percent of his time and attention to the residents of Rich Township who have often complained about their disdain for the management of most Township services. The ten villages or towns make up Rich Township include portions or all of Matteson, Country Club Hills, Hazel Crest, Homewood, Olympia Fields, Park Forest, Flossmoor, Richton Park, Tinley Park and University Park.

“My inspiration to run for Rich Township Supervisor comes from my extended career in Cook County government as well as my personal experiences growing up in the State of Arkansas. As an executive in Cook County government part of my role was to ensure that the county government fulfilled its mission of serving our most vulnerable population.” says Committeemen Jordan.

Jordan adds, “As a young child growing up in Arkansas, I know all too well how social services can provide an added sense of relief to families who may be challenged by a struggling economy.”

Jordan continues, “I am not a career politician, but a lifelong public servant. I passionately believe that we all have an important role to play in supporting those in need.”

Calvin Jordan has focused his career on helping families succeed through access to education and entrepreneurial opportunities. He knows that Rich Township can do better by its residents. He will provide a new perspective in the execution of Township services due to his unmatched credent- ials and experience as a government leader.

Jordan has a keen sense of what it takes to navigate through government challenges. His past experiences in Cook County government include being the Executive Assistant to the former Cook County Board President. In this role he was instrumental in the redevelopment of the former Cook County Hospital in which now has been renamed John H. Stroger Hospital. It was this accomplishment that led to the expansion of health services for all Cook County residents.

During Jordan’s nearly twenty-year stint as Rich Township Highway Commissioner, he was lauded for his firm commitment to ensuring all township roads were safe and well maintained. Jordan viewed the Highway Department as the cornerstone to ensuring that roads, streets, bridges, signs, and markings were safe and effective.

“During my tenure as Rich Township Highway Commissioner, we have successfully managed a first-class operation that offers a wealth of services to our residents to keep our township roadways safe. As Supervisors, I want to use my relationships, experiences expertise to make the Supervisor’s office community friendly. The Township’s role is to enhance the quality of life for the people of Rich Township. The responsibility for and the management of tax dollars must First be focused on Improving the quality of our social service programs. My priority will be to revitalize our Senior Programs and reestablish programs focused on our youth. I believe the enhancement of the quality of life throughout Rich Township is the key to our future growth and success.” says Jordan.

Over the past year Jordan performed a listening tour throughout every sector of Rich Township. He has met with a significant number of residents, clergypersons, civic leaders, business owners, elected officials who have given him a broader and detailed perspective of the challenges facing the township.

During the coming weeks leading up to the April 6th, general election; Calvin Jordan will roll out a series of plans addressing enhanced Senior and Youth Services, as well as strategic alliances with all Municipalities to synchronized services provided throughout the Township.

Some of Calvin’s past and present public and corporate service positions are Special Assistant to the Cook County Board President, Hazel Crest Economic Development Board, Member of the Illinois Landscaping Association, Treasurer/Trustee of the Rich Township School District, CEO of Property Care Management Inc., Deacon at the Victory Apostolic Church of Matteson, Board of Directors Franciscan Hospital in Olympia Fields-Marketing Chairman, and Board Member Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning.

The ten villages or towns make up Rich Township include portions or all of Matteson, Country Club Hills, Hazel Crest, Homewood, Olympia Fields, Park Forest, Flossmoor, Richton Park, Tinley Park and University Park.

News,Region: South Suburbs

via The Crusader Newspaper Group

March 24, 2021 at 11:03AM

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