Rich Miller: Pritzker gets his say vs. some criticisms

Senate Majority Leader Kimberly Lightford led the Black Caucus’ efforts to pass their “pillars,” including criminal justice reform.

Leader Lightford told me Sen. Elgie Sims and Rep. Justin Slaughter worked with the governor’s office on criminal justice reform before COVID hit. “They continued to meet with the Governor’s team after the George Floyd incident and of course the efforts grew as a result. However,” Lightford said in a written statement, “I created the Pillars.”

Lightford said “the conversations stopped” with the governor’s team after Pritzker released his “seven guiding principles” for criminal justice reform in early October. “We kept working and building out our Pillar that included their points and additional items,” she said.

Pritzker’s list did have many of the items included in the final legislation. But claiming authorship might not be the greatest idea going forward. Anyway, back to the interview.

Pritzker: “So we’ve had many victories. I think that when you’ve got a lot of goals, as I do, for moving the state forward, we’re going to win on a lot of them, we’re going to lose on some of them. But you keep moving forward. And I think the totality of the record has been one where a lot of progress has been made. I think I’m genuinely considered to be the most progressive governor in the Midwest, if not in the country right now. And Illinois has moved tremendously forward on the things that I campaigned on. I put a lot of policies forward while I was running, and we’ve accomplished almost all of them.”

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March 19, 2021 at 05:11PM

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