Rich Miller: Pritzker’s poll numbers tumble back from peak

For the first year or so of his administration leading up to the beginning of the pandemic, Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s polling wasn’t exactly horrible, but it was still pretty darned underwhelming. But after some spectacular crisis-induced polling spikes last year, the governor has seemingly come back down to earth.

The first poll taken by Morning Consult after Pritzker was sworn into office in January of 2019 found his job approval rate at 40%, with his disapproval at 29% and 31% not saying either way. By the end of 2019, Morning Consult had his approve/disapprove at 43-41 with 16% not weighing in. An early February 2020 poll by Fako Research & Strategies found 39% of Illinois voters rated him positively, while 36% rated him negatively and 19% were neutral.

But then came the COVID-19 pandemic and Pritzker’s numbers really shot up, mainly because of his handling of the pandemic. Three polls in April and May of last year showed his pandemic job approval rating at 70% or higher and one had his overall job approval at 61-35. “He was bullet-proof,” a top Republican consultant recalled of those heady days.

What goes up often comes down, however, and by October, a quite prescient Change Research/Capitol Fax poll had Pritzker’s fave/unfaves at 48-45, possibly due at least in part to the unpopularity of his graduated income tax proposal.

A poll released last week that was conducted February 17-21 by Chip Englander’s firm 1892 Polling had Pritzker back to even, with 41% favorable and 41% unfavorable. The margin of error was +/-3.5 percent. Englander was a key figure in Bruce Rauner’s 2014 gubernatorial campaign, but I’ve always found his polling to be reliable.

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March 12, 2021 at 05:23PM

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