IDOT unveils $7M communications center

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — The Illinois Department of Transportation gave WCIA 3 News a look inside its new communications center at Station One.

The focal point of the new center is a video wall that will allow operators to track the locations of IDOT snow and ice and emergency patrol vehicles on the roads.

Staff will also be able to monitor road conditions, including flooding, and work with teams in the fields.

Officials say the center will help them spread the word about issues on the roads faster through social media and digital platforms.

“All of this allows us to notify the public of incidents that are happening on the roadways in closer to real time after those incidents have occurred,” Communications Center manager Brandon Oxley explained.

The center will also aid communications with other agencies.

“It will allow us now to bring in a state police dispatcher or bring in a public health dispatcher or Department of Corrections dispatcher in emergencies where we need to have that face-to-face knowledge and share pertinent information,” Oxley said.

IDOT is also working on adding a new statewide incident reporting system, upgrading traffic cameras and adding more statewide fiber.

The $7 million upgrades are the first in roughly 30 years besides computer and radio installations. It was covered by the state’s road fund.



March 10, 2021 at 09:36PM

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