Illinois Business Leaders Say More Investments Needed in Early Childhood Education

ReadyNation members see the inequity which harms the development of Black and Brown children. WCBU Student Reporter Jordan Mead tells us why they feel it’s urgent to meet the needs of these children.

 Illinois human resources veteran Joni Duncan says that there are important factors about child development that we must understand.

“Research makes it increasingly clear that many workforce fundamentals are seeded during the earliest years of learning and life. From technical skills like math, to more social-emotional skills like creativity and teamwork,” Duncan said.

Duncan says too many Illinois children do not benefit from early learning opportunities they need to develop their potential.

The report says workforce racial disparities, extreme poverty, and higher unemployment rates can all be traced back to a lack of early preparation for school in children of color.

Rudy Valdez, engineering manager for Kaney Aerospace in Rockford, says to create equity and benefit all of society, investment in children’s lives must come early.

“When we start addressing these inequities, and finding solutions, and bringing everybody to where they should be, that’s when we’re going to take off and grow as a country,” Valdez said.

ReadyNation creates efforts to ensuring support for children from birth to age three and in preschool to create better opportunities for families.

Joshua Gunn, President and CEO of the Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce, says that we must unify our voices to combat the disadvantages that Brown and Black families face, and be honest about the systemic barriers that exist.

“To really understand what equity means and what it requires, it requires us to place emphasis in the place where there is the greatest need. Right? And in this case, the data tells us that it’s very clear that the greatest need in term of kindergarten readiness, and really across a number of different metrics, is in the Black and Brown community,” Gunn said.

The ReadyNation report concludes that by emphasizing the importance in allowing the growing Brown and Black population, more workforce development will move our economy to reach its highest potential. We’re living in unprecedented times when information changes by the minute. WCBU will continue to be here for you, keeping you up-to-date with the live, local and trusted news you need. Help ensure WCBU can continue with its in-depth and comprehensive COVID-19 coverage as the situation evolves by making a contribution.

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March 5, 2021 at 12:43PM

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