Leave kids’ lemonade stands alone



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Ah, the innocent days of a lemonade stand: a card table on the sidewalk, a pitcher, ice, paper cups — and the public health department getting in your business.

Illinois state Sen. Patrick Joyce, D-Reddick, wants to do away with that last part. He has introduced legislation exempting children’s lemonade stands from regulation.

It’s called “Hayli’s Law” and is inspired by a constituent of his, Hayli Martinez, a 12-year-old saving for college.

If “rules are rules,” Joyce said, “change them.”

“The intent of this legislation is just to prevent authorities from requiring a permit for children to sell lemonade,” he explained.

SB 119 has passed the Senate Tourism and Hospitality Committee.


via http://www.radio.com https://www.radio.com

March 4, 2021 at 09:01PM

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