Lawmakers backing legislation to force updated protocols at veterans homes

St. Rep. David Welter and St. Sen. Sue Rezin say they’re supporting legislation that would make the state update its disease outbreak handling protocols at its veterans home. Updates were recommended two years ago after the Legionnaires disease outbreak at the Quincy veterans home.

Rezin says taking 12 days to get someone from the Illinois Department of Public Health to the LaSalle home after a COVID-19 outbreak in November is not something the governor should tolerate.

Welter says if the governor found a three-day wait to deal with Legionnaires at Quincy unacceptable, he shouldn’t be quiet at all about the delay for the coronavirus at LaSalle.

To date, the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs says 108 residents at LaSalle have had the coronavirus and 36 have died. The outbreak appears to be under control among the residents.

Region: Northern,Feeds,News,Region: La Salle


March 1, 2021 at 04:01PM

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