Gov. Pritzker signs requiring use of body cameras for officers, prohibiting chokeholds | WATCH LIVE

CHICAGO (WLS) — Governor JB Pritzker signed a sweeping police reform bill into law Monday.

Pritzker isigned House Bill 3653, also known as the Police and Criminal Justice Reform Bill, at Chicago State University on the South Side.

“This bill was infused with the power of individuals most directly impacted, survivors of domestic violence, survivors of crime and those who have been detained pre-trial only because they are poor. We are a stronger state when we lift up these voice,” Governor Pritzker said.

Gov. Pritzker, Lt. Gov Juliana Stratton speak before signing crime bill

The law requires all police officers to wear body cameras.

“In the wake of the last summer’s protests against police violence and the responses to the release of the video showing the humiliation and harassment of Anjanette Young, there is little doubt about the strong support for additional police accountability and criminal justice reform,” said Khadine Bennett, director of advocacy and intergovernmental affairs at the ACLU of Illinois in a statement.

The law will also end the practice of cash bail for non-violent offenders and expand the use-of-force guidelines and officer training.

Under the new law, officers will be prohibited from using chokeholds.

Republican State Senator Paul Schimpf, who has announced a run for governor to challenge Pritzker, released a statement saying, ,”By signing HB 3653 into law today, JB Pritzker failed the people of Illinois in terms of both policy and leadership. Adamantly opposed by nearly all Illinois law enforcement leaders, HB 3653 makes Illinois communities and families less safe. Even more troubling, the legislation’s passage during an overnight, lame-duck session vote lacked meaningful scrutiny and review. As Governor, I will veto all legislation that fails to comply with minimum levels of transparency.”

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February 22, 2021 at 01:42PM

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