Stuart promotes foster care scholarship opportunity

State Rep. Katie Stuart (D-Edwardsville) is encouraging collegebound students who currently live or have lived in foster care to apply for the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services 2021 Scholarship Program, which is accepting applications until March 31. 


“A lack of financial support can be a huge barrier to a higher education, especially for some of our most vulnerable students,” Stuart said. “This scholarship is awarded to students who spent time in foster care to help them pursue a college degree and prepare for their future career.”


The DCFS Scholarship Program is open to youth who have an active DCFS case, whose cases were closed through adoption or guardianship, or who aged out of care but are younger than 21. The program will award 53 scholarships. Recipients will receive up to five consecutive years of tuition and academic fee waivers that can be used at participating Illinois state community college and universities, as well as a monthly stipend and medical insurance. The scholarship application is available at and must be submitted by March 31.


“As chair of the House Higher Education Committee, I want to make sure that higher education is accessible to students of all backgrounds, not just those who can pay the full cost,” Stuart said. “I encourage students who qualify to apply for this program, and I will continue working to improve affordability in other ways.” 


February 11, 2021 at 08:59PM

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