State Rep. and Domestic Violence Survivor Criticize Ending of Cash Bail

75th District State Representative David Welter on Thursday spoke out against the ending of cash bail in Illinois. The practice of requiring those accused of crimes to post bail was removed as part of a wide ranging criminal justice reform bill passed by the Illinois General Assembly weeks ago. Opponents of the bill said that elimination of cash bail would decrease public safety.

Also speaking at the Thursday press conference, was Cassandra Tanner-Miller, a domestic violence survivor. In 2019, Tanner-Miller’s estranged husband broke into her Joliet home, strangled her, and shot and killed their 18-month-old son before turning the gun on himself.

Tanner-Miller says the elimination of cash bail will make it even easier for potential violent people to be free while awaiting trial. Tanner-Miller said that her former husband should have been kept in jail.

Rep. Welter says Republicans aren’t against police reform, but says Democrats didn’t include Republicans in the drafting of the bill. He says that Democrats and Republicans should work together on legislation.

Welter hopes that Governor Pritzker will veto the bill. Other local lawmakers and members of law enforcement have also spoken out against the bill. Major police unions and advocacy groups have said the bill will make communities less safe.

via WCSJ News

February 7, 2021 at 07:58AM

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