‘They got a tough decision’: Andy Manar replacement to be selected Saturday


The remapped district will likely include a greater portion of Springfield, which has been trending Democratic, while cutting out some of its more conservative, rural areas.

Party officials have expressed a desire to select a candidate who will run for reelection in 2023 and be viable.

“I guess the goal is to get somebody who can win the seat after the remap and can raise the money, because that’s going to be a really expensive race,” said Moore Wolfe. “We’re probably looking at $2.5-3 million.”

If Moore Wolfe is appointed

If Moore Wolfe is selected, it would set off another process to select her replacement as mayor.

Upon her resignation, mayor pro tem Pat McDaniel would immediately assume the role of acting mayor. But the Decatur City Council would have to vote within 60 days on the selection of an interim mayor, who would serve out Moore Wolfe’s term.

“There has to be a presiding officer, and so that’s automatically the mayor pro tem,” said city manager Scot Wrighton. “But that person would only serve in that capacity until the city council voted to select one of their other members to serve out the balance of the mayor’s term.”

Moore Wolfe, a member of the city council since 2009, became acting mayor in 2015 following the unexpected death of Mayor Mike McElroy. The council subsequently voted to appoint Moore Wolfe to serve as mayor until a special election in 2017, which she won. She was also reelected in 2019.

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February 5, 2021 at 05:18PM

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