Editorial: Representation must be priority for journalism


A story in the Associated Press Saturday detailed the searched for some of the top jobs at news organizations across the country, with the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, ABC News and more all searching for new leaders.

We at The Daily Eastern News believe that representation needs to be the top priority when filling these positions.

Like in many parts of society, the upper levels of journalism and the news media is disproportionately dominated by white men.

It is very difficult to properly represent our society if this remains the case. The journalism field has taken steps in recent years to be more diverse, and we are not saying that a white male in charge of a news organization is unable to recognize that there are problems with representation.

But in order for the world of journalism to reach its highest potential, leadership positions must reflect our society as a whole.

There are plenty of women and people of color that are overqualified to fill these positions. They must be given a fair chance to get these jobs.

America needs proper representation in all areas, but it is extremely important in journalism.

Journalism guides the way that millions of people understand current events, and if everyone in charge of news organizations comes from the same group or basic background, there is the possibility that this can shape the way things are covered and represented.

All real journalists want to get the full story and tell it properly, and proper representation is a vital part of telling a story correctly.

Hopefully the world of journalism can start making real progress with the imminent changes at some of its most prestigious organizations.

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January 31, 2021 at 11:31PM

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