Here’s What That Bill Ending Cash Bail Does

The Illinois Legislative Black Caucus succeeded earlier this month in ushering in legislation that would, among other things, end cash bail. If signed by Governor Pritzker, Illinois would be the first state to completely end the use of money bonds. Lavette was arrested on an aggravated battery charge five years ago, following an altercation with her then-mother-in-law. Though she was never convicted, she was jailed for more than a year and spent four months on home confinement because she could not afford to pay the $25,000 bail. As the case wore on, bail was reduced to $9,500 and was paid by the Chicago woman’s family and the Chicago Community Bond Fund. Lavette, who we are identifying only by her first name at her request, recently celebrated the adoption of a bill by the General Assembly earlier this month that would end cash bail. “If this deal or any other orders was passed at that the time that I was arrested, it could have saved a lot of families from the heartaches that me and


via Podcast | NPR Illinois

January 29, 2021 at 04:55PM

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