Watch now: Bloomington Council approves Indigenous Peoples’ Day as city holiday

Most of the council’s discussion Monday surrounding the proposed ordinance took a supportive tone.

Multiple members explained they expected to vote “yes” because the ordinance does not “cancel” Columbus Day, but instead acknowledges a more accurate representation of the history of Indigenous Peoples. 

Ward 4 Ald. Julie Emig said the ordinance is a fundamental form of cultural literacy, one that reflects “studying change over time.” 

The ordinance is “particularly useful because it does, for me, center the opportunity to educate, and not to deny, but merely seek to understand while also acknowledging that while our perceptions change over time, our understanding of history becomes more rich.” 

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Despite the unanimity over the ordinance, council members largely diverged in a vote over a resolution to petition federal, state and other local governments to “officially observe Indigenous Peoples’ Day and end formal observance of Columbus Day as a holiday.”

A minor debate broke out between Ward 6 Ald. Jenn Carrillo, who has led both efforts since the summer, and Ward 4 Ald. Joni Painter. 

Painter said she was hesitant to vote on the resolution because Carrillo hadn’t discussed it with local school boards or with other communities.

She also questioned whether public efforts to celebrate the holiday would include mentions of Native American tribes that practiced cannibalism.

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January 25, 2021 at 08:54PM

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