Stava-Murray Facebook page down after controversial post on criminal justice reform bill

A Facebook page maintained by Downers Grove Democratic state Rep. Anne Stava-Murray as a forum for her legislative work has apparently been deactivated.

The account’s disappearance followed a lengthy online squabble over a post Stava-Murray made following her vote in support of a criminal justice reform bill the state legislature approved and was sent to the governor’s desk Wednesday as well as a bill she proposed to remove police officers from schools.

Stava-Murray, a former member of the Naperville board of fire and police commissioners, had come under fire Wednesday for proposing legislation that would have eliminated school resource officer positions throughout the state.

Following her vote on the reform bill, Stava-Murray posted a message on the Facebook page that read: “Thin blue line folks: your continued harassment does not help your cause. I’m proud of voting for more police accountability. As for the SRO bill, I hadn’t planned on calling this session since accountability passed.”

A screenshot of state Rep. Anne Stava-Murray's Facebook post. The page where the post appeared has since been taken down.

A screenshot of state Rep. Anne Stava-Murray’s Facebook post. The page where the post appeared has since been taken down.

The post received largely negative responses from those who responded to it, many complaining the legislator wasn’t following the will of her constituents.

Attempts to reach Stava-Murray for comment were unsuccessful.

Posters began attacking the representative on her personal Facebook page after her legislative page was shuttered.

Stava-Murray, who was reelected to her second term in November, is no stranger to controversy.

Shortly after taking office in 2019, she posted on Facebook that Naperville — where she lived at the time — had a “history of white supremacist policies,” claiming racial profiling by police and housing discrimination. The post also earned her rebukes and at least one call for her resignation.

At the time, Stava-Murray defended her stance and suggested the criticism was largely spurred by partisanship from Republican opponents.

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January 15, 2021 at 01:13PM

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