Illinois House recognizes Rep. Flowers


SPRINGFIELD, IL – A day after the historic election of Illinois’ first black Speaker, the chamber recognized the state’s longest serving black lawmaker.

In 36 years of service, Representative Mary Flowers has fought for black Chicagoans in addition to children within DCFS care. Representatives from both sides of the aisle pleasantly surprised Flowers with their kind words.

"I’ve always felt like I was like an old shoe being kicked around," said Flowers. "But just like that old shoe and that penny, I was never going to go away."

Members spoke to Flowers’ many accomplishments, especially her work within the black caucus. Representative Jehan Gordon-Booth said while the caucus’s matriarch is tough on her colleagues, Flowers keeps the state’s best interest at heart.

"There’s no one like her, I know that sometimes Mary can be tough on folks," Gordon-Booth chuckled. "She’s tough on me and she may have been tough on you but that’s because Mary has seen a lot more than most of you, certainly me. She brings that wisdom and that intellect and experience to this space."

Speaker Emanuel ‘Chris’ Welch wrapped up session by leading a unanimous motion to recognize the day as Mary Flowers Day.

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January 14, 2021 at 03:22PM

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