CTU To Speak Out Monday As Chicago Public Schools Resume In-Person Classes


CHICAGO (CBS)– It’s the first day of in-person learning for around 6,000 Chicago Public School Students. Pre-kindergarten and some special education classes are set to resume in person.

But it’s still not clear if all teachers expected today will show at school buildings.

The Chicago Teachers Union wants to stick with remote learning until COVID-19 vaccines are more widely available.

CTU is planning four events Monday to speak out against a return to school. The first event will take place at 6:30 a.m. at Davis Elementary School.

CPS Chief Executive Officer Janice Jackson said Friday that approximately 65% of teachers and support staff who were required to return to schools this week to prepare for school reopenings did so, and she expected that number to grow by Monday.

Jackson and Mayor Lori Lightfoot have defended plans to begin reopening schools on Monday, despite objections from the CTU.

The CTU has proposed reopening schools only if the city’s average positivity rate is below 3 percent, and the city is reporting fewer than 400 new cases per day. However, CPS and Chicago Department of Public Health officials have said positivity rate is not the best metric to use for decisions on reopening, and the district has said they will only halt plans to reopen schools if cases in the city are doubling fewer than every 18 days. As of Thursday, cases in Chicago are doubling every 82 days, according to CDPH.

Meanwhile, Mayor Lightfoot on Sunday extended the city’s stay-at-home advisory until Friday, Jan. 22.

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January 11, 2021 at 06:06AM

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