OUR VIEW: Manar has been exemplary, expect more of the same


Central Illinois has been fortunate with its state senators. Generally speaking, they’ve managed to look past party politics and made genuine efforts to serve their constituency more than themselves. Their departures from the floor are invariably bittersweet. We’re happy for them, but also understand we will miss their voices and work.

Andy Manar, Illinois District 48’s state senator, will resign later this month to take an advisory position with Gov. J.B. Pritzker. Manar was elected to the Bunker Hill City Council at the age of 21 in 1997. He was elected mayor of Bunker Hill in 2001, and chaired the Macoupin County Board until his election to the Illinois Senate in 2012.

Manar’s departure prompted multiple individuals and entities to praise the work he’s done as a senator. Laura Zimmerman, chairwoman of the Macon County Democratic Party, said, “He always puts the people of Illinois first.” That’s clearly Manar’s disposition, and it doesn’t take long to grasp that after looking at his record.

The Decatur Trades and Labor Assembly called him “a rock star” in testament to his ability to deliver on a regular basis. They also praised his record for working families, a group of whom Manar seemed particularly protective.

His work on evidence-based funding for public schools was a game-changer that will echo for years. Manar personally pointed our pride in his work on automatic voter registration, a statewide minimum wage for teachers, elimination of police ticket quotas, capping out-of-pocket cost of insulin at $100 per month and the first-ever regulation of pharmacy benefit managers.

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January 6, 2021 at 11:28PM

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