If Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine receives FDA approval, here’s what it will mean for Illinois


The FDA on Tuesday released preliminary documents on its website ahead of the meeting showing promising data, with the vaccine’s efficacy around 95% after the second dose.

“It looks good,” Arwady said of the preliminary report, calling Tuesday an “exciting day.”

With possible approval of the Pfizer vaccine coming within days, officials in Chicago and elsewhere in Illinois are preparing to receive the first doses, maybe as early as next week.

What is the timeline for distribution in Illinois?

Though vaccine approval in the U.S. could come in a matter of days, there are still a number of steps that have to happen before the vaccine can ship to Illinois. That means it could be a week or more after Thursday’s meeting until people here begin to receive the first doses.

The advisory committee that will meet Thursday is made up of nongovernmental scientists and public health experts from across the country. The group will discuss Pfizer’s request and make a recommendation to the FDA, which the agency will likely follow, Arwady said.

As for when the FDA’s decision could come, Arwady said, “It may be on Thursday. It may be on Friday. … It could even be a little bit later.”

If the FDA approves the vaccine, then the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will make recommendations about who should receive the vaccine and offer guidance on how it should be given, Arwady said. To do that, the agency will also convene a meeting of nongovernmental experts, likely within 24 to 48 hours of the FDA’s decision, she said.

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December 9, 2020 at 03:57AM

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