EYE ON ILLINOIS: An administrator canned, Blago’s dark day and crowdsourcing gift ideas


One axe has fallen at the La Salle Veterans Home, as the state announced Monday it fired the administrator and suspended the nursing director during the ongoing investigation into a widespread, deadly coronavirus outbreak. This won’t — and shouldn’t — be the end of the story. Here’s hoping we all learn a lot more about what happened and use those lessons to prevent future tragedies.

Journalists often say the job is interesting because although the basic duties are the same each day, the news itself is unpredictable so every morning brings the potential of new adventure. Few mornings were as memorable as Dec. 9, 2008. A dozen years ago today, federal officials arrested Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich on corruption charges substantially related to his attempts to extract favors in connection with an appointment to fill the U.S. Senate vacancy of President Barack Obama.

As wild it was in those early months to read and hear the details of the federal investigation, things eventually ballooned to Blagojevich’s appearances on several national news programs proclaiming his innocence, his impeachment and removal from office and then more television appearances, including a stint on “The Celebrity Apprentice” that most likely laid the groundwork for the presidential commutation that brought an early end to his federal prison sentence.

It was a wild ride, but given Blagojevich’s attempts to peddle influence during the 2020 election cycle, it would be wrong to assume we’ve reached the exit.

State-ment Gifts

I’m not the greatest gift giver — nor am I all that good about knowing what to put on my own wish list — so over the years I’ve tried to spend a few column inches sharing reader inspirations in homes of making everyone’s holidays a little brighter.

Now with this space focused broadly on statewide issues, it seemed right to attempt a new spin. As such, I direct you to enjoyillinois.com, the state tourism office’s website, which has both a page dedicated to products made in Illinois as well as a current holiday gift guide.

As expected, the list includes a lot of food and drink items, but there also are suggestions that might be a bit more shelf-stable (if shipped carefully!) such as items from Hearth & Hammer General in Batavia, C’s Bees Honey & More in Anna, Prairie Fire Glass in Monticello, Eshelman Pottery in Elizabeth and Edgewater Candles in Chicago. 

The full website is well worth exploring, but I’d also like to hear from readers. Drop a tweet or an email with your favorite local gift item and I’ll share select answers in future columns. (Reminder: You can never go wrong with a gift card to a restaurant the recipient loves, especially this year.)

• Scott T. Holland writes about state government issues for Shaw Media Illinois. Follow him on Twitter at @sth749. He can be reached at sholland@shawmedia.com.

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December 9, 2020 at 06:20AM

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