Voice of The Southern: COVID-19 is spreading rapidly. Don’t let your guard down.


We still have to be on guard. More than ever, a key cause of the virus spreading is small groups in homes. Those will be even more prevalent as the temperatures cool, and the temptations will be large to those who treasure their holiday traditions and gatherings.

That’s the depressing stuff. But there have been positives, and we have the capability to increase those.

Promising news has arrived about a potential vaccine. That alone doesn’t mean we’re out of the darkness, but there’s a light ahead. It may feel as though it will arrive with the speed of the Pony Express rather than Amtrak, but it will arrive, ultimately. 

Even the most skeptical in the science community are now expressing hope.

And we can help make things more positive. Even as outdoor dining becomes impractical and indoor dining is prohibited, we can still use curbside service. We can order through the personal shopper services offered at some stores. The people filling those orders and hauling things to your car are an important part of our economy.

There will come a day when we’re no longer dreading opening Zoom. There will come a time when we can hug one another, a time when we can imbibe together, watch a movie or a play or a concert together again. 

We’re closer than we’ve been for months. Let’s help one another get to the finish line.

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via The Southern

November 14, 2020 at 08:48AM

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