ISBE considers new standards for teachers

ILLINOIS (WCIA) — The Illinois State Board of Education is considering a new set of rules to hep teachers be more inclusive in the classroom, but a religious group based in Peoria thinks the rules are not only a bad idea, but unconstitutional.

It would include new standards for teachers to meet to get their licensure. The idea is to make sure teachers are equipped to understand how different groups are marginalized, and how that impacts those students’ lives. Then, the teacher would be able to make the classroom more inclusive for them.

But the Illinois Pro Family Alliance feels that by having to affirm students viewpoints and identities, is silencing the teacher’s own beliefs. "The way it’s written is problematic. And it should be scrapped and they go back and rethink how this is written. But they say, ‘Nope, we want to do this,’ then we have suggestions because it is so vague, it needs to be clarified more," said Ralph Rivera, Illinois Pro Family Alliance.

The Alliance wants more clarity on how teachers should be inclusive. They also do not think the new rules should be tied to licensure.



November 13, 2020 at 05:19PM

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