Chicago-area educators respond to having one of their own in the White House with presumptive first lady Jill Biden

"I’m happy to respond to your question because Jill Biden and I have so much in common," said Kathleen Porreca. "We are both English teachers, we both have doctorates in education, and both our husbands earned their bachelor’s degrees in political science from the University of Delaware. I have admired Dr. Jill for many years for her grace, her obvious intelligence and for being such a great partner to Joe Biden. They clearly have a partnership of equals.

As an educator for the past 35 years, I could not be more excited to see Jill Biden as our first lady. She knows and understands the passion and dedication that educators have for our profession and our students. As the principal of an all-girls high school, I think that Jill Biden is a great role model for my students. She has pursued her own educational pursuits throughout her life, and has always maintained her own career, while at the same time fulfilling the job of being a senator’s wife and second lady of the U.S.

I love the anecdote from Michelle Obama that when they traveled together as first and second ladies, Jill always had papers to grade. It’s true that teachers always have papers to grade, and Jill has not stopped working hard for her students." (Kathleen Porreca)


November 13, 2020 at 03:18PM

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