State Senator Patrick Joyce Wins Election for 40th District Seat

Incumbent State Senator Patrick Joyce (D-Essex) has won reelection in the 40th District, which includes portions of Grundy, Will, Cook and Kankakee Counties.

Joyce defeated challenger Eric Wallace (R-Flossmoor). With 97.04 percent of votes counted, Joyce led with 50,318 to Wallace’s 39,227. Broken down by county, Wallace leads in Grundy with 2,403 to Joyce’s 2,126 and in Will with 14,374 to Joyce’s 12,589. Joyce carried Kankakee County with 20,116 to Wallace’s 19,198. Joyce appears to have taken over 80 percent of the vote in Cook County, with 15,487 to Wallace’s 3,252.

A Kankakee County farmer, Joyce was appointed State Senator in 2019. In a statement, Joyce thanked Wallace for running a sincere and positive campaign.

via WCSJ News

November 4, 2020 at 09:14PM

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