Watch now: Illinois Elections Board warns that races could be undecided for days

Pritzker advised patience on races with national significance as well.

“Counting votes that arrived by mail is time-consuming work for our county clerks and their staffs,” he said. “With vote-by-mail hitting all-time records, that means that we have to be patient about the results of all races this year. It will possibly take until Wednesday or Thursday, or even Friday to get results for some races in Illinois and in states across the country, every vote must be counted, particularly on the national level. It is very important that we are patient with the presidential election.”

Pritzker said it’s “extremely important” that Illinoisans do not get their election news over social media.

“We know that there are foreign actors, specifically Russia, Iran and others who intend to promote misinformation throughout Election Day, and in the days after. They would like nothing more than to promote conspiracy theories and sow discontent,” Pritzker said. “If you want accurate information about the vote count, go to your local election authority’s website, or to the Politico website, or to The New York Times website where they track all the races nationwide or visit other reputable national news outlets.”

He urged news consumers to avoid reposting viral content they may see on social media.

“Look at a variety of news outlets if you like but be wary of claims you see on social media, foreign actors posing as Americans are producing disinformation, such as fake videos or fake official statements, hoping that you will repost it,” he said. “So check before you repost anything, or better yet, you may want to take the next few days off from social media. Facebook and Twitter will still be there in the morning.”

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November 3, 2020 at 11:41AM

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