White: Help keep Illinois roads clean, safe


Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White is reminding motorists to drive safely and keep roads and highways clean.

“Although traffic has decreased due to the pandemic, littering can be a traffic safety issue on our roads, whether it is from a truck whose truckload is uncovered or from a driver who has disposed of garbage out of a car window,” said White. “We should be mindful of the dangers of littering to others and to our environment.”

According to the Illinois Litter Control Act, there is a mandatory minimum fine of $50 for any person who is convicted of violating this act and a maximum fine of $1500 and possible jail time. A second conviction can result in up to one year in jail and a maximum fine of $2500.

White recommends the following tips to help keep roadways clean and safe:

• Always carry a trash bag in your car. If you have litter, there will be somewhere to dispose of it.

• Securely cover open loads on all trucks.

• Clean out pickup truck beds. Random trash left in the back of pickups can easily blow out onto the street.

• Set an example for others. Children often imitate what they see. Prevent bad behavior by picking up after yourself and not littering.

• Put cigarette butts where they belong: in ashtrays.

via Metropolisplanet.com

November 2, 2020 at 06:32AM

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