LETTER: Enforce regulations over coal ash


As a concerned Illinois citizen I’d like to express my opinion in regard to the “coal ash” issue here in our state. I’m a former national employee of the American Red Cross. Specifically, I held the position of the Illinois State Development Director.

I continually came in contact with contaminated water on the job whether from floods to Hurricane Alyson in Texas or even a sewer backup in Mattoon. Illinois. Natural disasters take on a life of their own but they can be mitigated. The mission of the Sierra Club is essentially, as far as the environment is concerned, to protect the public from ourselves. In this particular instance from coal plants.

We know that “coal ash” is a byproduct of coal power plants which can and has threatened our water supply. “Coal ash” is toxic! I’m not telling you anything new, but allowing this pollutant to have access to our water supply will adversely affect our communities’ health and well-being. It’s dangerous. Poor water stories and the municipalities who have ignored the problem are documented and too numerous to mention.

A fact that I wasn’t aware of is that Illinois imports “coal ash” from other areas of the country and we also lead in the number of damage court cases. What?

The encouraging thing is that we are presently cracking down on pollution in Illinois. Thanks to our state government and organizations like the Sierra Club. Clean water is the goal and we must impress upon the coal industry to comply with regulations if they want to stay a viable energy source. We expect the EPA to enforce those regulations to protect our communities, and then allow public transparency to make sure they will comply.

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November 1, 2020 at 08:30AM

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