Why I Am—Again—Not Voting for Mark Batinick


With the infusion of 200K in cash to Mark Batinick’s campaign from Ken Griffin, we found out that Batinick has the Kettle on speed dial. But Batinick’s always been a hypocrite on corruption. It’s not his only failing.

Batinick rolled over for his Plainfield Township Republican Organization pals when they got together to rip off taxpayers at the Plainfield Township Park District. Batinick was running for the statehouse for the first time then and when he finally decided he had to make a showing at a board meeting it was only because his opponent at the time beat him to it.

Batinick’s comment to that corrupt board, filled with people he knew well: I guess I just don’t understand why you are offering a soccer program when the Plainfield Soccer Association already has one?

That was Batinick fighting corruption right in front of him. Batinick’s political allies at the park district were so light-speed corrupt that they drew investigation from the Will County State’s Attorney and two different police agencies, for fraud, embezzlement, and theft. Everyone saw it. It was in the news nearly daily. All Batinick did was ask, sheepishly and almost apologetically, about the wisdom of a second soccer league in Plainfield. So brave!

Batinick’s list of failures is long. There’s his disrespect for women (the creepy way his office portrays them in ads for self-defense classes and how he votes against women’s reproductive rights). There’s the unethical deal he had as the realtor on the sale of the building that now houses the Plainfield Township Community Center (thanks primarily to Tony Fremarek, the PT Supervisor and Batinick’s campaign treasurer). There are his hissy fits and credit grabbing, including during the state budget stand-off a few years ago, when he stamped his feet and made a huge show of refusing for roughly four months to work on anything that he deemed unworthy in Springfield.

Then there’s his singling out for "honest discussion" an opinion piece on how the "left is always blaming white America, Christians, and conservatives first" ("Blaming White Americans First", by Erick Erickson, religious bigot and racist). It’s not that Batinick agreed directly with Erickson’s views, but I can’t tell how much he agreed or not, and I think that’s intentional on his part. It was very odd that Batinick chose that specific piece to open a discussion about "challenges that face us", a discussion that he then stayed safely out of, mostly. The post seemed to have a high pitched whistling sound, the kind only dogs can hear. And Batinick stood across the street from a peaceful protest rally this summer at PNHS, fear mongering a little over citizens supporting equal justice for Black Americans. On the other hand, when fellow Republican candidates Gretchen Fritz* and Tom McCullagh** took part in a poorly veiled, but still totally insane, QAnon protest rally in front of Plainfield Village Hall a few weeks ago, not a word from Batinick.

All these and other failings aside, it’s the following that clearly shows a dangerous gullibility and some real stupidity.

In early 2019, Tim Kraulidis, from Will County Board (whose wife, Debbie, works as "Chief of Staff" for Batinick, and is running now to replace her husband), posted on his Facebook page a fringe lunatic meme. It was a picture of a baby and read:


Who would see that, and say "that definitely sounds legit"? Batinick. Batinick posted the supportive comment of "Truly unbelievable.". But, then at least one of these guys remembered "oopsie, we’re not supposed to say the crazy-stupid out loud!" and in a real CYA move tried to make the posts disappear.

How broken does your brain have to be to not have your first reaction be "wow, that can’t be true—let me see what this is about—oh, okay, I don’t (or, do) agree with what the NY legislature and governor actually did, and this meme is just some fake news meant to agitate the weak minded"?

Straight up, only idiots fall for things like this. Batinick had been "working" in state government for over four years at that point, should have had some insights to help him assess this nonsense. How pitiful is it that he gave this obvious, sick lie credence and approval, instead?

I have many good reasons why it’s not worth sending Batinick back to Springfield. He’s proven over six years of chances that it’s not his motivation and not within his capabilities to do much good there. Batinick is bad as a state representative because he doesn’t have or do what’s needed to be good at it. He’s not going to take on his partisan friends and his own biases, needs, weaknesses, and emotions count too heavily in his actions.

The problem with voting for Mark Batinick is that most of us won’t see a good return on that investment. Shouldn’t we get at least as much for our votes as guys like Griffin can get with their 200,000 bucks?


*Gretchen Fritz is on the Will County Board and is running for Will County Recorder of Deeds. She’s been called out on her racism before, but she’s really committed. Recently she thought it was hilarious that someone posted a "joke" to Plainfield Township Republicans FB page that read: "OMG . . . I’m a WHITE SUPREMACIST! Know the warning signs of WHITE SUPREMACY — 1. Full time employment 2. Literacy 3. Professional or technical degree 4. Regular church/temple attendance 5. Auto insurance 6. Good credit rating 7. No criminal record". This was viewed by 30+ Republicans on that page and of the five who reacted at all, only one maybe seemed to be shocked by it. None of them called her out and the page admins (stupidly) did not remove this disgusting post. Once again, if you like voting for ignorant and determined racists, vote for Fritz.

**Tom McCullagh is running for state senate and besides his being a QAnon follower, I just find it pathetic that he is so hungry for rubbing up against celebrities that he admitted to hating Nancy Pelosi, but couldn’t resist having his picture taken with her at an event where she spoke. He posted the picture to FB, and asked people to share it (?!), with the "joke" that she had "touched my a*s" (he had the ego to claim it excited her) and that he’d be willing to swear out assault charges against her (because, really, isn’t sexual assault just a hoot?!). He actually had to ask for help on how to make it shareable, because he couldn’t figure out how. When someone asked him, calling her vulgar names, why he even wanted the picture with her, McCullagh said that though he agreed with his friend’s vulgar assessment of Pelosi, he "thought it would be cool to meet someone that high up". He also recently shared a very short promo video with him alongside Jon Voight, looking like a nervous prom date. In my line of work, McCullagh is what we call a "star f***er", and not a real bright one.

via Plainfield, IL Patch

October 31, 2020 at 07:20PM

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