Daiber points out double standard on “double dipping”


In an effort to fully inform taxpayers about the corruption and mismanagement of Madison County government, Bob Daiber is exposing what he describes as the blatant hypocrisy and lack of transparency exhibited by incumbent Chairman Kurt Prenzler.


While Kurt Prenzler criticizes the concept of “double dipping” in government, his vice chairman pro tem, Michael Walters (District 7), receives a taxpayer-funded salary to serve on the County Board while also having a $36,000 per year consulting contract with the taxpayer-funded Madison County Transit District.


In another hypocritical move, Prenzler appointed his campaign manager Steve Adler to multiple administrative positions in county government, all while Adler was receiving a taxpayer-funded pension. These examples, by definition, are exactly the kind of double dipping that Kurt Prenzler claims to be against.


“If Kurt Prenzler wants to talk about double dipping in government, he should look within his own circle of supporters,” Daiber said. “Prenzler’s blatant hypocrisy on this issue is stunning, but not at all surprising given that he’s shown over and over that he and his allies play by a different set of rules than the rest of Madison County.”


Daiber also criticized the lack of transparency from the Prenzler administration, noting that on his watch, some hard-working Madison County employees have been the victims of unemployment fraud that is costing taxpayers an unknown amount of money and putting the private information of those employees at risk.


“While the Prenzler administration remained silent in the hope that no one would notice another example of his incompetence, the State’s Attorney’s office issued a statement on October 28th making the public aware of this breach of security,” said Daiber. “Public employees have had their private information put at risk while this administration does nothing but worry about its own interests and those of its political allies, all while taxpayers foot the bill.”


Further, Daiber noted that while Kurt Prenzler was failing to properly protect the private information of public employees, two appointees who were dismissed from county employment for alleged corruption in a 26-1 vote of the County Board received unemployment compensation.


“While many residents of Madison County are struggling through the current pandemic and relying on legitimate unemployment benefits just to get by, Kurt Prenzler made sure that his appointees received taxpayer-funded benefits which they may or may not have been entitled to given that they were terminated by the County Board,” Daiber said. “This is just another example in a pattern of corruption exhibited by this administration whereby they use county government as their personal piggybank.”


“Madison County simply can’t afford another four years of Kurt Prenzler’s failed leadership, and as County Board chairman, I will restore integrity to the office and provide residents with an effective and efficient government,” Daiber concluded.

via AdVantageNEWS.com

October 30, 2020 at 05:09PM

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