Thaddeus Jones has Plans for the 29th District

Thaddeus Jones House of Representatives

Thaddeus Jones represents South Holland, Crete, Monee, and the Southside neighborhood, Riverdale, as the Illinois State Representative 29th District. The House of Representatives introduces many bills and recommendations in areas of Science, Homeland Security, Finance and provides government oversight and reform opportunities. The House of Representatives is divided into Districts.

Thaddeus Jones, a Democrat, is currently a member of the Illinois House of Representatives, representing the 29th District. He assumed this role on January 12, 2011. Jones’ primary agenda involves providing employment opportunities for all Illinoisans and increasing accessibility to a world-class education for underserved communities. He currently sits on several committees within the House of Representatives: Appropriations-Higher Education; Appropriations-Public Safety; Community College Access & Afford. (Chairperson); Judiciary – Civil; Labor & Commerce Committee (Vice-Chairperson); Public Utilities; Workers Compensation Subcommittee; Workforce Reconciliation Subcommittee (Sub-Chairperson); Civil Procedure Subcommittee; Real & Personal Property Law Subcommittee (Sub-Chairperson); Transportation Subcommittee. Jones has also sponsored various bills that involve mental health, such as proposing a Trauma Center in the South Suburbs and a Gun Violence Impact Task Force.

Thaddeus Jones is concerned about education, economic growth, and increasing community resources within the 29th District. For more information on Representative Jones, please visit his website at


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