LETTER: Weaver is obvious choice for 15th District


Rob Stroud’s recent candidate interviews for the 15th District Congressional Seat was very informative.

I read Stroud’s article carefully to understand candidate positions on current issues, and the candidates’ statements were markedly different.

Mary Miller’s biography suggested that she lived wrapped in wealth, part of a farming operation that easily qualifies her family for the proposed state of Illinois graduate income tax, and teaches in-home schooling.

Erika Weaver’s biography suggested she persisted despite poverty and overcame discouragement and discrimination on many levels. I know Erika’s journey as a student in my master’s level classes in higher education leadership at EIU. I am well aware of the dedicated sacrifice when the conscious choice was made to commute from Mattoon, Illinois, to earn a law degree at Loyola University Chicago School of Law.

Another major contrast noted in Stroud’s article was the language candidates used to state their political positions. Miller used general terms without added specifics in much the same manner, and in nearly the same language, as our current “radical right” candidate for re-election as president. Nothing in Miller’s statement suggested she would be willing to work with representatives of the other major political party.

In her public defender role, Weaver stated she would work “across the aisle with those of opposing ideologies” to address “healthcare, education and economic development” across all income levels within the congressional district. As a Mattoon School Board member, Weaver was acutely aware of education and training possibilities needed for the general citizenry to enjoy a middle-class life. While Weaver focused across a range of income levels, Miller’s focus seemed more directed toward large farming enterprises and private schooling.

via JG-TC.com

October 24, 2020 at 08:26AM

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