Bill and Anna Haine ‘angry and saddened’ over Madison County Democratic Party’s attack

To the Editor:

Recently, there has been a serious effort by some Democrats to diminish Bill’s public service as a Democrat because of our son, Thomas, a candidate for Madison County State’s Attorney on the Republican ticket. These efforts diminish, not only Bill’s legacy, but also Thomas’s own accomplishments.

Some of our fellow Democrats seem to think that Bill’s long public career in elective office was simply a gift of the Democratic Party. Apparently, they believe that the 40 years Bill spent serving the people of Madison County and the 56th Illinois Senate District in public office was not enough to earn the votes of Democrats. We strongly believe most voters would disagree. 

Apparently, these Democrats are willing to trash Bill’s reputation if he does not renounce our son.  We are angry and saddened by this. No one should be expected to renounce family because of political differences. Bill has always been loyal to his friends and to those who helped him, as well as to the Democratic Party. Similarly, he is loyal to his family and to our well-qualified son, Thomas, running for State’s Attorney. 

Bill spent 40 years serving his constituents in elective public office. Running as a Democrat he was elected and re-elected by the voters 13 times. He served for 10 years on the Madison County Board, 14 years as the Madison County State’s Attorney and 16 years as an Illinois State Senator.

In all his offices, Bill was known as an effective, hard-working, honest and dedicated Democratic officeholder. His political endorsement by candidates of the Democratic Party was greatly valued and often sought. He frequently gave his support and endorsement and the candidates he endorsed usually won.

Four of our current local Democratic legislators have, in the past, sought and received Bill’s formal endorsement and support. Governor Pritzker and Attorney General Kwame Raoul sought and received his endorsement in their recent elections. When Barack Obama first ran for statewide office, Bill strongly endorsed him against the Chicago politician supported by the Madison County Democratic Party. Bill’s record of public service over the course of 40 years in elective public office has consistently earned him the votes of Democrats, Republicans and Independents.

For the Madison County Democratic Party to launch an attack on Bill Haine – their loyal champion for 40 years, seems to us to be despicable and traitorous. During all his years of service in elective office, Bill faithfully served the Democratic Party and was trusted by all parties. He put principle and justice over partisan politics. He believed in listening before judging, that actions have consequences, that loyalty matters, that people are more important than platforms and that the truth is more important than approval. He was always a true statesman.

Our son, Thomas, is his own man and perfectly capable of making his own political decisions. An honor student at Princeton and at Washington University Law School, as Captain and military criminal prosecutor in the Army, in his local legal work, in his marriage to our daughter-in-law, Eva, and as father to their four children, he has worked hard and excelled in every way. If elected, he will make a fine State’s Attorney.

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We may be of different political parties, but we can certainly tell you that, in this case, the apple does not fall far from the tree!

Knowing from experience how difficult it can be, we are very proud of him for having the courage to seek public office.

Illinois State Senator Bill Haine and Anna Haine


via Madison – St. Clair Record

October 21, 2020 at 02:03PM

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