‘I’m afraid’: Longtime Lake Zurich teacher hoping for remote option after return back to classroom


LAKE ZURICH, Ill. — A teacher in Lake Zurich is speaking out about being back in the classroom after she said more options are needed for those who fear coming in.

Rosemary Caparelli, 65, has been teaching for decades and isn’t ready to let that passion go. But she said she’s afraid coming into work everyday due to potentially bringing home the virus to her loved ones.

When talking to her, it’s easy to see why she loves her job.

"It’s a great school, I’ve been there 21 years," said Caparelli. "Students are great, faculty is great, it’s a wonderful place to work."

But lately, her job at Lake Zurich High School as a family and consumer science teacher is causing her some stress.

"I’m afraid," said Caparelli. "So I don’t feel like I’m being an effective teacher."

Caparelli and her colleagues started the year remotely, but a hybrid model of teaching came into play three weeks ago.

Caparelli said she had no choice in returning to in-person learning.

"The students got a choice to be hybrid or e-learning," said Caparelli. "We did not get that choice."

Now, measures have been taken in the classroom to help everyone safe.

"Desks are six feet apart," Caparelli said. "The max is 15 and I do have 15 in two of my classes."

With Caparelli being a little bit older, her loved ones might be more at risk.

"I have an elderly husband at home," said Caparelli. "I have a 92-year-old father I take care of, I have young grandchildren who I’ve not seen since the start of hybrid."

All of that has left her wondering if packing in her passion for teaching might just be the safest option.

"I don’t want to have to choose between that passion and the well-being of my family," Caparelli said. "So I’m really torn really torn, it makes me cry, it’s very upsetting."

Caparelli did voice her concerns with her school and district. She said she could take a leave but was told it would be unpaid and would have to pay for her own insurance.

Caparelli can quit, but that’s not something she wanted to do just yet. She hopes teachers who need the option of working from home can be given it.

WGN News reached out to the district for input but have yet to hear back.

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via WGN-TV https://wgntv.com

October 19, 2020 at 07:03PM

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