Rich Miller: Circumstances making opponents’ job easier:

But the mere fact that she stood up and announced her bid is an indication of how Madigan’s political strength is not what it used to be.

Anyway, the last time the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute polled Speaker Madigan’s job approval rating was last year. It found 71% disapproved of the way Madigan did his job while only 20% approved – a 51-point difference.

Those results weren’t all that different from the same poll’s question on whether Illinoisans supported a new state tax on retirement income. A total of 73% opposed it while 23% supported – a 50-point margin.

Normally, opposition to a retirement income tax is an easy lay-up for Illinois legislators in both parties. Just score some no-brainer points with the folks back home and move on to the next question.

But some brainiacs always want to start a "discussion," and it often blows up in their faces.

This time, it’s blowing up in others’ faces.

"One thing a progressive tax would do is make clear you can have graduated rates when you are taxing retirement income," Treasurer Michael Frerichs, a Democrat, told the Daily Herald back in June. "And, I think that’s something that’s worth discussion."

Frerichs’ quote has opened the door to House Republican attack mailers in numerous districts against Democrats who voted "yes" on the graduated income tax last year and also against Democratic House candidates in general.


October 2, 2020 at 08:26PM

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