Letter: We need better from Rep. Skillicorn


To the Editor,

As an elected official, I am held to a higher standard, and I should be. The people of McHenry County put their trust in me to work for them. When my State Rep. Allen Skillicorn does not live up to that higher standard, it helps perpetuate the stereotype that all politicians are greedy and only think about themselves.

The latest news is that Rep. Skillicorn recently closed his district office, leaving his constituents left with no one to help them during this critical time. The very district office where unemployed citizens go to get help with unemployment insurance, elderly people needing help with senior assistance and those seeking basic answers to their most pressing needs.

All these people are being ignored by Rep. Skillicorn.

I along with everyone else in the district needs someone who intends on working hard in their elected position, uphold the higher standard and start working for the people and stop thinking about yourself.

The citizens deserve better. The state of Illinois needs all legislators to work together to solve our profoundly serious problems. We are in a crisis and we need full-time leadership in Springfield, not when it is only good for you.

Michael Skala


via | Northwest Herald

October 2, 2020 at 08:11PM

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