How Illinois State University is using random tests to monitor COVID-19 on campus

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An Illinois State University student leaves the school’s new temporary COVID-19 testing facility near Watterson Towers on Monday. 


NORMAL — Illinois State University is implementing random testing of students to help monitor the presence, and potential spread, of COVID-19 on campus.

The university this week is starting to choose students who are attending face-to-face or hybrid classes, and last week began random testing of students living on campus.

Students selected for random testing are notified by email with directions on what to do. Those selected who are living on campus are required to be tested, but others are only “strongly encouraged.”

The university has “more leverage over students who live in on-campus housing,” said ISU spokesman Eric Jome.

“If they don’t come in within the allotted time, there will be follow-up communication with them … and hopefully that will take care of the stragglers,” he said.

Illinois State University facilities management workers install a staircase in the school’s new temporary COVID-19 testing facility outside Watterson Towers on Monday. 


On-campus students could be subject to action under the student conduct code if they still don’t comply, according to Jome.

John Baur, a chemistry professor serving as ISU’s COVID-19 testing coordinator, said the goal is to have each on-campus resident tested twice during the semester.

How it works

Notices were sent to 300 on-campus residents last week, said Baur, and “we hope to ramp that up next week.” Notices also are going out this week to 1,000 off-campus residents in face-to-face or hybrid classes.

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September 28, 2020 at 04:43PM

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