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To the Editor: 

In a July letter to the editor, crony McHenry Township politician Jim Condon slammed taxpayer advocate Bob Anderson for exactly what Anderson does: advocate for taxpayers.

Condon’s anti-taxpayer positions stem from his profiting off the wasteful township form of government – unlike Anderson, who voted just last month to eliminate his own pay. Public officials like Anderson and McHenry Township Clerk Dan Aylward are models for supporting taxpayers, while Condon is a leech symbolic of everything wrong with Illinois politics.

We sadly have too many bad examples of public service in our state. At the state level, Mike Madigan and J.B. Pritzker – who have both dealt with controversy and investigations against their behavior – are currently pushing their “fair tax” scheme to hike taxes on all Illinoisans.

At the county level, career politician Jack Franks is offering a meaningless 10% county board pay cut in order to get re-elected, despite loading the county payrolls with new patronage jobs. And then, in our very backyard, township cronies like Condon, Nunda Township Highway Commissioner Mike Lesperance and his lackey Bob Miller fight to keep wasteful townships full of patronage and mismanagement alive.

That couldn’t be clearer here in Nunda Township, where Lesperance has outsourced his job to the disgraced Miller. These do-nothing township hacks are just extensions of the corrupt government we see across the state. Why are we taxpayers left with the bill for their patronage and incompetence?

Bob Anderson is a breath of fresh air in our corrupt state. Springfield, McHenry County and Nunda Township should look at him as the model for public service.

But Condon attacked Anderson in his July letter because he’s afraid of him. He’s afraid that Anderson and others are questioning the status quo.

Unfortunately for Condon, we won’t stop fighting for better government until we get it. As Anderson pointed out in a letter he wrote himself recently, an easy place to start cleaning things up would be with eliminating Condon’s useless position and the entire McHenry Township Road District.

Donna Ocasek

Crystal Lake

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September 25, 2020 at 05:16PM

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