Unions, pols rally online for Fair Tax Amendment — 1IL


She echoed Garcia in insisting, “It especially puts a burden on communities of color.”

“It’s flat-out wrong,” Garcia added. “The status quo isn’t working.”

“Now more than ever working people need support,” Reiter said. “Those at the very top continue to make record profits. Our economy is rigged.

“Working people have a chance to have our voices heard directly at the ballot box,” he added. “This is about us.”

“We can help right a very longstanding wrong,” Gordon-Booth said. “The fair tax is for you, it’s for your family, and it’s for your community.”

“It’s time,” Drea added. “It’s time to stop the regressive tax system we have in Illinois. This is permanent. This is what working families need in this state.

“Passing the Fair Tax Amendment will protect workers and invest in workers, invest in Illinois, invest in our schools, invest in our infrastructure,” he said. Calling it “the answer to Illinois’s problems,” he added, “I want to live in an Illinois that invests back in the people who need a break.”

Stratton warned that, given the state’s fiscal problems and the need to balance the budget, failure to endorse a progressive income tax would mean that taxes would have to be raised 20 percent on all taxpayers, to a rate of about 6 percent. “It will only serve to deepen the dramatic inequities that we already see across the state. It will drive out our residents, and it will drive out investments in Illinois.”

By contrast, she added, a graduated income tax would have “a positive ripple effect, allowing us to better and more adequately fund our schools and other important programs along with lowering property taxes.”

Stratton joined many of the other speakers in urging Illinoisans to vote early in person when it becomes available in their areas, or to request a mail-in ballot. She quoted Barack Obama in calling cynicism “the central strategy of voter suppression.”

“The president is already sowing seeds of doubt in the results of a close election,” she said. “He is refusing to commit to a peaceful transfer of power, and he’s moving swiftly to fill the seat of Ruth Bader Ginsburg should the Supreme Court be tasked with determining the outcome of this election. The surest way to win this election is by an overwhelming margin, driven by massive, unprecedented voter turnout.”

Gordon-Booth called a graduated income tax “a critical piece” of creating a more fair society, saying it would “fundamentally change the trajectory of this state” by calling “for all people to pay their fair share.”

She added, “Now, essentially, Illinois, this is in your hands.”

via 1IL

September 24, 2020 at 05:30PM

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