Endorsement: Barbara Hernandez for House Dist. 83


In the race to represent District 83 in the Illinois House of Representatives, incumbent Democrat Barbara Hernandez faces a challenge from Republican Donald Walter, of Aurora, a sales associate with the Augustine Institute.

Finishing up her first term, Hernandez, of Aurora, is hard-working and committed. She cut her teeth in politics as an aide to former state Rep. Linda Chapa LaVia, and she is active in civic affairs throughout the district. We have had concerns about her in the past because of her simultaneous service on the Kane County Board but she is relinquishing her board seat, saying she now recognizes the potential conflicts in holding two elected positions. That is an important acknowledgment, and it suggests a young politician who knows she has room to grow in the position and is willing to.

Walter, for his part, is knowledgeable about the issues facing state government and has reasonable and thoughtful ideas about such timely topics as spending policy, ethics laws and criminal justice reform. But his direct government experience is limited to having served as an election judge.

Hernandez is a hard-working and sincere representative, completing her first term serving a district with highly diverse constituencies who need a representative in Springfield who directly understands their experience and interests. We’d like to see how she matures in a second term. Hernandez is endorsed.

Feeds,Region: DuPage,Local,Region: Suburbs

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September 24, 2020 at 09:56AM

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