Illinois higher education board looks at gender equity

Undergraduate enrollment among Black Illinoisans of either gender has fallen sharply in the last decade. For both groups, the change in enrollment from 2013 to 2018 was a decrease of around 30 percent. It was slightly higher for men (30.6 percent) than women (28.4 percent).

“This data is hard to look at, but we need to see it to know where higher education in Illinois needs to improve,” IBHE Executive Director Ginger Ostro said at Tuesday’s meeting. “This new data, disaggregated by gender, surprised us and gives us more information as we focus on how to pursue equity.”

Even though Black women were more likely to earn a degree than Black men, they typically earn less money than a Black man with the same level of education.

The board also shared data from 2013 to 2015 which showed that an African American female could expect to earn $36,332 one year after completing her degree, compared to $39,970 for an African American male. Three years after receiving a degree, the gap was even larger, with African American females earning $42,793 on average compared to $49,119 for African American males with the same level of education.

Per the same data, a larger gap existed between white males and white females with the same level of education, although both groups made significantly more than their Black counterparts. White women could expect to earn $39,541 one year out of college and $46,859 after three years, while a white man with the same level of education averaged $43,821 after one year and $55,623 after three years.

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September 17, 2020 at 08:17PM

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