Watch now: A new name for Douglas Hall? Eastern Illinois president says Stephen Douglas ‘contrary to EIU’s values’

Tributes to Douglas also have been removed from the University of Chicago campus. Illinois State University officials also have moved to rename a residence hall’s floors that are named after U.S. secretaries of states who were slave owners.

On Friday, Glassman noted that the university Naming Committee addressed the issue in the past, ultimately deciding to recommend no change in the residence hall’s name.

The decision at that point was to keep the name but also add with displays explaining the reason for it and providing history of the debates, which has taken place, he said.

However, Glassman also said, there is "no doubt" that Douglas was a racist and supported slavery, though the naming of the residence hall was "never intended to commemorate that."

He said the name is "contrary to EIU’s values" and troubling to many, which has become more apparent in light of recent issues of racial injustice.

Glassman said the Naming Committee will meet sometime during the current semester and make a new recommendation on whether to change or retain the building’s name.

The "ultimate decision" on any change would be up to the Board of Trustees, he also said. Board members didn’t comment on Glassman’s announcement during the meeting.



September 15, 2020 at 07:08AM

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