Veteran educator supports Daiber for County Board chairman

My name is Chuck Noud. I am the president of the Granite City Federation of Teachers, Local 743 and state vice president for the Illinois Federation of Teachers. I am a veteran educator of over 20 years and the father of a middle school student. I am writing this letter in support of Bob Daiber for Madison County chairman.

Now more than ever, the people of Madison County need leadership. Over the years that I have known Dr. Daiber, I have always recognized his unwavering commitment to education and the importance of doing everything that we can for our young people. As a lifelong educator,  vocational teacher, and regional superintendent of Madison County, Bob exhibited passionate support for our schools, teachers, and parents in order to create educational communities, ripe with opportunities for our young people. Dr. Daiber continues to be an advocate for our students and families. Bob Daiber is the candidate who will lead the Madison County Board to support education and our communities.

Chuck Noud

President, Granite City Federation of Teachers

Vice President, Illinois Federation of Teachers


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September 15, 2020 at 02:52PM

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