Editorial: A housing crisis in the Quad-Cities


The economy has improved since the shutdown, but joblessness is still far too high, while others have seen their hours cut.

The report that the housing cluster presented, called "Silos to Solutions," laid out the problem, as well as a 10-year vision to create more than 6,600 affordable housing units through new construction, rehabilitation, increased subsidies and other steps.

This plan is aimed at helping the lowest income households in the Quad-Cities. Future efforts will focus on households that are more fortunate, but still qualify as low-income.

As this report made clear, there is a housing crisis in this community. It is most acutely felt by those living it. But it’s a crisis for all of us; if our community is to grow, we need adequate housing.

The cluster proposed a series of steps to tackle this problem.

Some of it, simply, comes down to money; among the recommendations is essentially a doubling in the Local Housing Trust Fund, which will require more from local governments and private sources. We believe the states of Iowa and Illinois must up their game, too.

Existing housing stock can also be stretched with a greater financial commitment to abating lead paint hazards, an area our community has struggled with recently.

Other options could mean changes in policies, like asking (or requiring) more of housing developers, educating and stabilizing at-risk households, lowering eviction rates through more effective mediation and changing zoning laws in order to encourage unique housing options.


via The Quad-City Times

September 14, 2020 at 08:32PM

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